I think it’s important we begin making positive changes to our political system. That starts by ending the monopoly special interest groups have over government, and we can do this by voting myself and other libertarians into office.

You’re Already a Libertarian, You Just Don’t Know It Yet

Libertarians define themselves as socially liberal and fiscally responsible. This holds true for most Americans as well. But the Democrats and Republicans would like us to think otherwise. Their ceaseless competition for financial reward at the cost of good government has ground all positive change to a halt, and it’s up to us to do something about it.
What I Will Do When Elected

  • A recent ruling by the Washington Supreme Court earmarked funds for teachers and education in our state – but both Republican and Democratic legislators have failed to dispense these funds to our schools.  Putting politics over people, both parties have failed their constituents and left our educational system devastated. If elected, I will abide by the Supreme Court’s ruling and support and enact any further legislation needed to make sure our schools and our children get the funds they were promised.
  • Corporations are attempting to buy the rights to water supply out from under homeowners in our community, only to try to sell it back to them at a higher cost later. This is abysmal behavior – and reflects a larger problem with corporations and other monied-interest abusing their power and infringing upon our liberty. This can not continue. I will protect property owners and their water rights.
  • I will find new and innovative ways to work with the communities I represent to make sure necessary social infrastructure is in place while at the same time holding government and the private sector both accountable. We don’t want to live in a corporatocracy where corporations dictate our values and freedom, and we don’t need any more bloated government bureaucracies that impede progress and waste our taxpayers money. We can find new and novel ways to leverage the resources of our community to help everyone succeed, together.
  • We have the highest rate of suicide among young people in our community. Heroin use is up among other drugs. We need to take a serious look at this issue and see what our community can do to help our young people – our future.
  • Protect the rights to liberty all of us have, regardless of our political, religious, or social persuasions.

The definition of insanity is trying to solve a problem using the same failed solutions as before. It’s time for something different.

It’s time for positive change.

– The Real Michael Scott