About Michael

The real Michael Scott for Office has been involved in television and film production dating back to the 80’s. Michael has produced, directed, and written numerous productions. His love for meaningful media lead him to create “Project PC”, a nonprofit organization that evolved from the love of many coming together to create positive change. Project PC strives to create positive change through media and education.

Several years ago Michael was confronted with a life threatening illness. Out of this hardship, Michael reconfirmed his commitment towards helping his community through positive change. As Michael healed he continued his efforts supporting many local philanthropy driven organizations he is a member of; such as The American Legion, Stanwood Eagles, Moose Lodge and several others. Part of Michael’s research for better health and his love for his community lead Michael to understand that to make positive change he also needed to include political participation, so he looked for ways to help.

In 2014, Michael joined the Washington State Libertarian party, becoming one of 12 candidates that ran for State Legislative office. Michael was successful in received near 24% of the vote and gaining support from those in his communities. Over the last few years Michael and his family have been active in the Libertarian party movement. Michael has spent countless hour at our states capitol, lobbying, testifying, interacting with our state and local political leaders, learning, starving for positive change. Besides finding Michael involved in the political process you can find him speaking through the year at various venues where he inspires folks to stand-up, speak-up, to be part of Positive Change!