Campaign Statement (July 27th, 2016)

Several years ago I became ill, the later part of my illness culminating in a cancer scare. I had lost several family and friends before the peak of my illness and had no desire to leave this world the way they had, hence my journey began. Sadly, I learned that besides a medical system that was in need of a major overhaul and update, I found that our political system was also in dire need of reform as well. I grew up in a family of law enforcement and military – and I had been led to believe that those that served the public and held political offices did so because they cared about their country, state, neighbors, family, and friends. To my dismay, I discovered that corruption has eradicated most of these core values. Hence the need for positive change.

As I began to heal and learn more about these issues I asked folks involved within the medical/health reform movement how I could help, and well, ya know what some say, be careful what you ask for! I was advised to run for office… I came to realize if real change were to occur “We the People” needed to stand up and do what was right! I can’t express how hard it was for my family and I to make the leap into the political arena.

In 2014 I ran for state legislative office in the 10th district. I received nearly 24% of the vote. I’ve learned a great deal over these past years, and since then I have been active at our state capitol – learning the ropes, attending meetings, hearings, staying involved in our community and getting a better understanding of the issues we face. It’s time we all standup and be heard. I ask everyone I meet to please also run for office, to please help us bring about the positive changes we want to see.

It’s time we take big money out of our political system as well. My whole campaign budget in 2014 was around $600. I’m hoping to raise more money this time around, but will NOT accept corporate/special interest funding to pay for my campaign. I know it’s tough for everyone running for office. Not having the funding to pay for all that it takes to be heard, to be noticed, that is so very hard. If we could support our candidates by volunteering, sharing our support for these candidates, and giving what we can monetarily, I feel we can compete, and our voices will be heard! As I run this year I look to my family, friends, and neighbors to help with these changes. I know we can work together and truly bring about the changes we want to see.

Thank you!

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